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Take Your 7th Grader to Work Day

For those of you taking the day off for whatever reason tomorrow, please be advised that you will still be responsible for any work that you miss.  AND you will still take the test on Friday.

Please visit the room 4 tab to access Chapter 31 and the Reading Notes.


Welcome Back…

Welcome back to school!  Hope everyone is glad to be back!

Believe it or not, our ancient Greece unit is almost over.  I’ve scheduled a test for April 23rd. We still have a few chapters to discuss, but I know we can do what we need to do.  Please visit the room 4 tab to download any materials that you may need.

Enjoy this quick video clip…

Athens vs. Sparta notes

Here are the notes we took from today’s class. Don’t forget about the short quiz tomorrow.

Athens vs Sparta Notes

The Mycenaeans

Today, we found out the differences between the Minoans and the Mycenaeans.  Both, the Minoans and the Mycenaeans made some major contributions to Greek culture and society.

Make sure you read the Mycenaean reading: The Mycenaeans

…And complete the Mycenaean RAFT:  Mycenaean RAFT

Topics for Shang and Zhou Dynasties

Our class took an expectedly unexpected pause on the storybooks and digital stories today as we took our second benchmarks. I don’t see it as being a big issue for our overall timeline for this in-class project.

For those of you researching images at home, here are the topics that were on the board over the past few days:

Shang Dynasty

oracle bones

bronze (weapons or vessels)


Huange He River Valley

Shang social classes

ancestor worship

animal mask

end of the Shang

Zhou Dynasty






Mandate of Heaven

“The Analects”



Han Feizi

end of the Zhou

Quiz on Wednesday

So…we have a quiz on Wednesday!!  Fun! Be sure to look over your notes, re-read the chapters, and complete the study guide.  I have confidence that all of you know this material.  You’ll do great on the quiz. 

You can always check out the room 4 tab to get any resources you might need.

Zhou Dynasty

The Shang Dynasty is over. Please remember why they were important.  They were the first dynasty in ancient China. They developed the first Chinese writing as seen in their oracle bones. They developed their useful bronze which was used in tools, weapons, vessels, and much more.

They were overpowered by the Zhou Dynasty. The Zhou ruled China longer than any other dynasty in Chinese history. The Zhou are known for many achievements as well, but we’ll talk about the three philosophies that developed in China during the reign of the Zhou Dynasty: Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism.

Tomorrow we start discussing Confucianism.  Don’t be alarmed if you see a different seating arrangement.

Attention all “Elders”: Please read the section that I asked you to preview. If you need the section, visit the room 4 tab and download it.

Completion of the Reading Notes

We have finally finished our relief maps of China today.  There were a set of reading notes that went along with the map that you created. If you did not get to finish the 3 pages, you are responsible for completing the remainder of the sheets.

Any resources that you may need are in the room 4 tab.

Tomorrow we talk Shang Dynasty.

Geography of China


Oracle Shell

We’re diving deeper into the geography of China today.  Did you know there are 5 major geographic regions in China?

Through your own discovery, you will learn more about the geography of Inner and Outer China. You will learn about the Tibet-Qinhai Plateau, the Northwestern Deserts, the Northeastern Plain, the North China Plain, and the Middle and Lower Chang Jiang Basins.

Over the next few days you will create a relief map of China with your group of four or five.

Go to the room 4 tab to access any documents you might need.

Photo Attribution:
Oracle Shell

Geography Challenge

Today we worked on our geography challenge of China. We looked at how far some of the dynasties expanded throughout China and why they didn’t expand any further. Guess what?!?…geography had something to do with it.

Check out the Room 4 tab for any downloadable needs.