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It has been a while since I’ve posted up here, but we’ve spoken during out meetings.  I have a schedule posted for our 2010 meeting dates on a clipboard outside of my room. Take one during the day.  Remember, meetings are optional, but they are a great chance for your groups to get together and talk about things.

Here is a list of dates for our meetings in 2010:

Jan. 12

Jan. 26

Feb. 9

Feb. 23

Mar. 9

Mar. 23

Apr. 13

Apr. 20


There will be a meeting tomorrow morning (Tuesday 10/20/09).  I hope a representative from all teams show.  You must show if you still haven’t traded.


What a showing today!!  Hopefully, you had a chance to make some trades. Remember to diversify your portfolio.  Buy companies from all different industries.

Here are some helpful links to keep you on track:


Welcome new investors!! Below you will find some helpful links that will make your year as an Investor profitable.

Feel free to use this site to your advantage. Come back frequently to see updates and announcements.

Downloadable Sheets:

Investors Permission Slip

Investors How-To

Rules of the SMG

Helpful Links:

Fun Video:

Stock Market in Plain English


Welcome to another exciting year of the Investor$.  This year our Stock Market Game will be a little different.  Instead of trading for 10 weeks in the Fall and 10 weeks in the Spring, we will be competing in a full year stock trading competition.  I feel this will give students more of a real life stock trading experience.  It will also allow you to hold on to stocks longer with greater confidence that they will go up eventually.

The first meeting will be on Tuesday, September 22 at 7:15 am in Computer Lab 8.

I hope to see you there.


The Investors year came and went.  I’m proud to announce that we had two winning teams this year…one in each season.  Both winning teams were invited to the awards ceremony held at William Patterson University.  There they were given a tour of the business school and introduced to what business school is like.  I was very impressed with the facilities there.

Next year, I hope to get some winners in the Stock Market Game once again.


Today, we’re headed to the awards ceremony luncheon.  I’ll post some pics once I get them.


So, the Spring game came and went and we had success once again.  One of the teams won 2nd place among the NJ middle schools in our region.  EXCITEMENT!! We’ve been invited to the end of the year Stock Market Game luncheon!!

I want to thank all the teams for playing and I hope some of you guys still want to join the Investor$ club next year.


The Stock Market Game begins today.  So far, we have 11 teams signed up to play.  We have 9 available spots to play the game this semester.


The sign-up sheet for the Spring Semester of the Investor$ is outside of my room.  Please put your full name, homeroom teacher, and homeroom number on the list.

Next week we will decide on the teams.  Teams consist of 3-5 members.

The game starts on February 9th!!!


Here’s a little video about borrowing money.  I know it doesn’t relate directly to the Stock Market Game, but it is good to know this information.


I have to admit…I didn’t think it was possible.  One of our Investor$ teams climbed back up to 3rd place in the entire state of NJ.  It was a rough semester for most of the teams.  Luckily, there is a Spring Stock Market Game!!  That game starts on February 9,2009.  I’m really looking forward to the Spring Game.

The 3rd place winners will be invited to the end of the year Stock Market Game Awards Ceremony held in late May/early June.

Congratulations to all the participants in the Fall Semester.

-Mr. Granito


So…the fall game of the Stock Market Game has been a difficult one.  The stock market has never been so crazy. Up 400 points one day, then down 500 the next, then up 800 the next day!!!  It was a crazy fall…no pun intended.

In the teacher game, I have not done too well.  I’ve heard stories of you, the students, not doing too well.  That’s OK!!  We still have the Spring Game to play.

The Fall Game officially ends on 12/05/2008.  We will have a meeting on Monday 11/24/2008 to discuss just a few things.  Hope to see you all there.

Keep on trading!!


The Fall Game of the Stock Market Game has begun.  20 teams are off an running.  Our first meeting was rather hurried because of time restraints.  So far, each team has met at least once and changed their password.  Teams are already thinking about what stocks to buy.

Here are 2 information sheets that might be of interest to the teams out there.

How-To sheet –> How To

Rule Sheet –>  Rules


So, I’ve moved the Investor$ up to New Jersey.  I have registered for 10 teams to compete in the New Jersey version of the Stock Market Game.  The game begins on September 29th, but we have yet to assemble as a group yet.  On that note, I have yet to make an announcement about the group.  I might have to wait for district approval…I hope not…trading begins in 2 weeks.

I just hope we’re as successful as last year’s group.



The Full SMG Winners

As far as I’m concerned, we had a great first year of the Investor$.

After playing the Stock Market Game in the Fall, we had a team that took 2nd place of all middle schoolers in the state in the Hootie Game.

Then in the Spring game, more students joined the club and we had another team take 2nd place of all middle schoolers in the state with the full SMG.

The winning teams were invited to the 19th Annual SCCEE Awards Luncheon to receive their trophies….and bragging rights. We all had a great time in Columbia.

Their advisor…yours truly…was also awarded a laptop for winning the teacher SMG.

I’m looking forward to starting the Investor$ again next year with even more membership and awards!!


The INVESTOR$ started up again. We had our first meeting of the Spring Semester and turn out was low. The meeting was not well advertised. I hope the next meeting has more of our investors there. On an positive note, we have a few sixth grade teams participating this semester. Our next meeting will be on Thursday, January 31st…in the computer lab.


The INVESTOR$ will have their final meeting of the semester on Tuesday 12/11/07. The Stock Market Game will end on Friday 12/14/07.I’d like to thank all of those investors that put in the time and effort to this club. We hope to see that same enthusiasm in January when we play the Stock Market Game in the Spring.


The Stock Market Game is ending on Friday 12/14/07.Our next meeting will be in the Media Center on Tuesday 12/4/07


We just took our picture this afternoon for the yearbook. Hooray!! We are officially a club!!The next meeting of the INVESTOR$ will be on Tuesday, November 13th.Keep an ear open during morning announcements to pick up your pass to the computer lab Tuesday morning.


We are starting our 5th week of trading. The game is halfway over. Keep on trading and having fun.

The Investor$ are a group of 7th grade students interested in finance and economics. Being an economics major from Rutgers University, I was asked to valiantly lead this group of students. The students separated into teams of 3-5 students and we signed up for the Stock Market Game. Since this would be our first year of competition, I wanted to make a splash. So far the kids are buying and selling stocks all on their own, with only a hint of attempted guidance on my part.During the 10-week Stock Market Game, the Investor$ will meet every Tuesday morning in the 7th grade computer lab. Teams are expected to trade on their own during the 10-week competition.

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