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The Nick and Ryan Show – Episode 4


Grades are Updated

Grades for the 4th Marking Period have been updated.  Please check GENESIS for your up to the minute average.

Grades are Updated

Grades have been updated in Genesis.  As Marking Period 3 comes to an end, please double check the grades that are in Genesis with your records. Have a great week off!!

The Nick and Ryan Show – Episode 3

Ancient Greece Research Project

To keep you busy this Spring Break, I’ve assigned a Ancient Greece Research Project.

Click Here for directions: Ancient Greece Research Project Directions

It is simple:

Choose an Ancient Greek person.

Write a 5-paragraph essay about him or her.

Create a powerpoint presentation about him or her.

This is due on Monday April 12.

Some Pictowords

Here are some of the stand out pictowords.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get too many tyranny pictowords.

The Nick and Ryan Show – Episode 2

Team Newsletter…podcast to follow.

No Homework Tonight.

Sorry for the confusion, but there is no homework tonight.






Absent again…Sorry

I’m sorry I was absent again today.

You should have worked on the vocabulary words for Ancient Greece.

**You do not need to finish anything for homework.**