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The Kingdom of Kush

Today we started talking about the Kingdom of Kush.  It was located to the south of the Ancient Egyptian kingdoms. Please check out the room 4 tab to download any appropriate documents you might need.


The Egyptian Social Pyramid

I’ve made a completed version of your Egyptian Social Class Pyramid available to all of you for your own studying needs. Print it out if you like. Fill in any missing holes in your own copy. Do whatever you need.

Reading Notes 9_complete

Ancient Egyptian Comic Strip

  Comic Strip activity has been announced.  With you groups, complete the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid found here –>Reading Notes 9  Then, follow these directions –>Egyptian Comic Strip to complete this template –>Comic Strip Template (8.5×14)

Chapter 9 can be found in the room 4 tab.

The Entire Tour of the Nile

The entire tour of the Nile activity is posted on the room 4 tab.  Everything is there for you.  Directions for the Letter are there too!  Remember…that letter is due on Tuesday.  Please follow all directions.

Happy Halloween!


All the activity information has been posted on the room4 tab.  It is not password protected at the moment. Get all the info you need there. Sorry for the late post, but I was out at Graduate School.  Good luck accessing the stuff.

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Computer Lab – Day 1

Nice job today in the computer lab. In case you wanted you complete those three sheets at home…you can. If you complete them at home, then you’ll have more time in the lab tomorrow for Google Earth or Audacity.

For the 3 sheets…click below

3 Sheets

For the Topics and Vocabulary words…click below

Computer Lab Day 1

For an assortment of links to Ancient Egypt sites…scroll down to the previous post.

Living Geography

We made  our second Living Map today.  Those students that were geographical features on Friday became settlers today. Hopefully, you had fun doing it.

After the activity, we completed Reading Notes 7.

Reading Notes 7

Visit the room 4 tab if you need to read chapter 7.

Geography Challenge Map

For those of you who were sick last week…or if you hand writing is completely sloppy…here is a copy of the completed map that we worked on.  Feel free to print it out and put it in your notebooks.  If your copy is perfect, then there is no need to print a copy for yourself.

Geography Challenge_complete

Mechanical Dioramas

Today, we’re presenting our mechanical dioramas. Since everyone is responsible for all the information presented, you will need to follow along with this sheet…Four Empires – Graphic Organizer.

Our test is still on Wednesday. Hopefully everyone is reviewing their notes, the chapters, their do nows, and their vocabulary.  Here is a study guide of good, solid information to know. Unit I – Study Guide

Happy Studying 🙂

Reading Notes 5

With our shortened schedule on Tuesday, we might have breezed through some of the information a little too fast.  I’ve made the Reading Notes 5 availiable with some possible answers. Make sure your reading notes have at least this information on them. There are more possible answers that we have discussed in class.

Reading Notes 5 – with answers

Test is on Tuesday, October 20th.  Study, Study, Study!!