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Attention Parents

Dear Parents,

Did you ever think that students would be texting in class? Well…the day has come when I ask the students to take out their cell phones and text in class. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week, I will ask your children to bring in their cell phones and text during a social studies lesson. They will be texting a free web service called Poll Everywhere. This service is free to use and will never charge your phone bill. I encourage you to check their website at and investigate for yourselves as I did prior to this lesson.

Even though this is a free service, standard text messaging rates from your cell phone carrier may apply. Some cell phone companies charge up to 20 cents for every text message, but many cell phone plans come with unlimited text messaging. If your cell phone plan does not include unlimited text messaging, I suggest your child leaves his or her cell phone in their locker.

Students will be answering questions that I created based on an activity related to the Ancient Rome unit of study. In the event that a cell phone is not available, I will have 2 computers up and running with a web version of the activity. No matter what, everyone will have the opportunity to participate in this interactive lesson.


Mr. Granito


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