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Monthly Archives: April 2010

The Nick and Ryan Show – Episode 4


Grades are Updated

Grades for the 4th Marking Period have been updated.  Please check GENESIS for your up to the minute average.

Take Your 7th Grader to Work Day

For those of you taking the day off for whatever reason tomorrow, please be advised that you will still be responsible for any work that you miss.  AND you will still take the test on Friday.

Please visit the room 4 tab to access Chapter 31 and the Reading Notes.

Welcome Back…

Welcome back to school!  Hope everyone is glad to be back!

Believe it or not, our ancient Greece unit is almost over.  I’ve scheduled a test for April 23rd. We still have a few chapters to discuss, but I know we can do what we need to do.  Please visit the room 4 tab to download any materials that you may need.

Enjoy this quick video clip…

Grades are Updated

Grades have been updated in Genesis.  As Marking Period 3 comes to an end, please double check the grades that are in Genesis with your records. Have a great week off!!

The Nick and Ryan Show – Episode 3

Ancient Greece Research Project

To keep you busy this Spring Break, I’ve assigned a Ancient Greece Research Project.

Click Here for directions: Ancient Greece Research Project Directions

It is simple:

Choose an Ancient Greek person.

Write a 5-paragraph essay about him or her.

Create a powerpoint presentation about him or her.

This is due on Monday April 12.