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Monthly Archives: February 2010

New Schedule

Because of the snow, we will have to shift around our schedule.  Hopefully, this will be an easy fix.


Continue to work on Projects


Continue to work on Projects


Review Session

Vocabulary Due


Ancient China Unit Test

Study Guides Due


Field Trip


Another Snow Day Ruins Our Plans

I don’t know about you, but I’m not too happy about all these snow days.  I’m sure you guys are pretty happy aboutWinter Snowballs by theirhistory.these days off.

Somethings to remember while you have the day off:

* Test will be moved to Wednesday, March 3rd
* Study Guide will be due on Wed., March 3rd
* Vocabulary is still due on Tues., March 2nd
* We will continue to work on our projects on Friday and Monday

If we happen to have another snow day on Friday, then we will bump everything down a day. I’ll post another update if we are off on Friday.  UGH!!

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Newspaper Template

I’ve heard some talk about interest in the newspaper template from last year.  Remember to use 8 1/2″ by 11″  (legal sized )paper when printing this out.

Click here to download –>newspaper template

The second “story” project is upon us…

Today, we started our second “story” project.  Whether you’re completing the storybook or the digital story, your task is simple.  Find 4 pictures that represent ideas from the Qin Dynasty and 4 pictures that represent ideas from the Han dynasty and create a bound book or a digital story.

This time around, we will only spend 3 school days on this project.  I’m sure that is all you will need.

Here is a list of possible topics: Possible Topics for Project 2

China Discovers Old Bricks

Check this out!! They found 7,000 year old bricks in China that date back to before the Shang Dynasty.


Silk Road Billboard

Whoa…another homework assignment!!  Don’t worry these are easy.

Please follow all direction on the sheet to complete a billboard for the Silk Road.

If you need the chapters…you know where to find them.

Here are the directions: Silk Road Billboard

The China Game

I’ve stumbled across this little quiz game. The goal is to beat the dragon through China by correctly answering questions.

Give it a shot!! What do you have to lose?

Han Dynasty Homework

Yes…we have homework!!

Download here: Han Dynasty Questions

China Papermaking Video Clip

For those of you who missed the video clip or just want to watch again, check it out here:

The Real King Tut Revealed

This news article came to me from a few directions. Thank you Ally and Erica for pointing me in the right direction!!  

The article reveals mysteries about King Tut that were previously discussed among many different scientists and archeologists.

The CURRENT EVENT tells of the “real” reason for King Tut’s death.

Click here to view the entire article.