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"Hey…Neighborhood is spelled wrong!"

How is a civilization like a turkey?

So, we attempted a synectics lesson today.  All things considered…it went pretty well. The trick was to think out side the box.  The deeper we thought, the deeper our understandings went.

Step 1: Discuss a problem. (we needed to describe this civilization we just “found”)

Step 2: Make a direct analogy. (This civilization is like a book.)

Step 3: Become the book and make a personal analogy. (I’m sad because no one reads me)

Step 4: After listing several feelings on the board, combine contradictory terms. (Happily sad)

Step 5:  Discuss what might exemplify that “compressed conflict” (A turkey is happily sad because that turkey was killed, but for the benefit of someone’s hunger.) <– someone gave an example really close to that one!!

Step 6:  Relate that new item, the turkey, back to a civilization.

A civilization is like a turkey because…

Overall, I thought we had a lot of fun brainstorming all these out of the box ideas.

You guys rock!!


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