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Computer Lab – Day 2

We had a nice little day in the computer lab today. Most of you worked on the Google Earth Exploration while a few of you fiddled around with Audacity.

Remember…these assignments are extra credit.  Google Earth is an amazing tool to use in school and at home. If you want some extra credit points thrown your way, then complete the Google Earth Exploration assignment.  Click Here –> Computer Lab Day 2

The other assignment was to work with Audacity. This is another great program to use in school or at home. Audacity is a little more difficult to figure out, but I’m sure most of you can handle it. If you want to complete this assignment, you’ll need to record the content of the 3 internet sheets into an audacity recording.  You will need to bring me the exported mp3 file to get credit.  Click here for some helpful hints to using audacity –> Helpful Hints for using Audacity

Remember…these programs are complete FREE, FUN, and SAFE to use at home.


2 responses to “Computer Lab – Day 2

  1. benJamin November 1, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    it wont load on my computer so i cant do the extra cridet but i really wan the cridet. so when can i do it or do i just not get the cridet if i do it late during eha on monday.

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