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What makes a Civilization?

Standard of Ur

Today we talked about the characteristics that make up a civilization.  Was Sumer a civilization? Was Ur a civilization? When archeologists discovered artifacts from these ancient areas, how did they know a civilization existed?

We talked about seven characteristics that constitute a civilization.

The Standard of Ur is shown to the right. This was dug up in the 1920s and has served as evidence of the Sumerians existence. Check out more of the Standard of Ur at this website.


One response to “What makes a Civilization?

  1. southwerk December 9, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    I think you are looking for things like having organized cities, advanced agriculture, central planning, those kinds of things. Tell me, what about the rules? What makes it possible for large groups of people to live with each other? Then, what makes it possible for them to continue with the pressures of outside societies, natural disasters and internal change? What’s better in the rules, flexibility or solidity? Tell me what you think.

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