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Projects are Graded

The Ancient Greece projects are finally graded.  I know it took me a while, but give me a break…there were over 100 of them at about two and a half minutes each.  Barak Obama

I’m going to post a majority of them here.  Remember, you can subscribe to the Kneighborhood through iTunes. (completely free!!)  Through iTunes you can hear all the podcasts, get class notes, and hear me once in a while.

This is a monumentus week for the United States.  The inauguration of our 44th president is happening on Tuesday.  I’m going to try and show it in class on Tuesday.  If that doesn’t happen, I’ll get some clips for Wednesday.  I think this event is huge and we, as a class, should take a look and discuss this event.

As far as the rest of the week goes…it looks like this:

Tuesday, January 20

  • Do Now:  What does this inauguration day mean to you?
  • Etruscans and Romans

Wednesday, January 21

Thursday, January 22

  • Do Now:  Tell me something about our Government.
  • Government in the Roman Republic

Friday, January 23

  • Do Now:  Tell me something about the Roman Republic Government.

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