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January 12 – 16

As I slowly grade your newpaper/podcast projects, I will post them on the website.  Keep an eye on our project page The Colosseumto see yours.  You can also subscribe to the Kneighborhood of Knowledge through itunes!!

For now…we move on to ROME!!  Here is our schedule for the week.

Monday, January 12

Do Now:  True or False – Legends have happened.  Explain your answer.

  • Finish writing our legends.
  • Share our legends
  • Learn how to use senteo responders.

Tuesday, January 13

Do Now:  Rome is located in present day…

  • Geography of Ancient Rome – Map Activity
  • Mini-Geography Quiz

Wednesday, January 14

Do Now:  What bodies of water are surrounding Italy?

  • Atlas Activity – Ancient Rome – From Republic to Empire

Thursday, January 15

Do Now:

  • Etruscans & Romans (pages 210-216)

Friday, January 16

Do Now:

  • Quiz

One response to “January 12 – 16

  1. Joe Maugeri January 16, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    Mr Granito,
    I emailed you at teacherease. I wasn’t here on wednesday- the day of the atlas activity. It says i got an “F”. When can i make up this assignment since i was not here.?
    Joe Maugeri

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