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Good To Be Back

It is good to be back in school.  That vacation was just way too long.  Long enough to get out of sync.  Long enough to forget my routine.  Long enough to forget that half of you guys didn’t complete the dreaded podcast project because of the awful scheduling mishaps towards the end of December.  A snow day here and a delayed opening there really throws the monkey wrench into the best laid plans.

I know I was a little too greedy in asking for you guys to get 2 small projects done in December.  If I had to do it all over again, I would have asked for just the newspaper.  If we can’t learn from our mistakes, how can we ever get better at what we do?  There is good news to come from this…I’ve introduced you guys to podcasting!!  I truly hope that it sparked some of your interest.  This isn’t the last time that we’ll try this sort of project.  Stay tuned for more podcasts!

Here is what needs to get done:

Newspaper – HAND IT IN!!

Podcast – We’ll have time in the computer lab on Tuesday.  Those that need to finalize…WILL.  Those that need to export as an mp3…WILL.  Friday is the last day that I will accept anything that has the word GREECE attached to it.


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