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December 8-12

That was the longest “shortest” week in history.  I’m so glad we’re back to our regular 40 minute classes.  There just Alexander the Greatwasn’t enough time in a 26 minute class to get anything done.  Now, its down to business…

Here’s our schedule for this week:

Monday, December 8

Do Now:  Were the original Olympic Games played for fun or were they a form of battle?

  • Olympics Discussion
  • Herodotus vs. Thucydides Discussion
  • RAFT Activity:
    • Role – Olympian
    • Audience – Your Army
    • Format – Speech
    • Topic – You just won the Olympic Games and now you must go back to war.  You must rally your troops.

Homework:  Second Section of your newspaper

Tuesday, December 9

  • Read pages 180-181 – The section about the Greek Gods
  • Read the Greek Gods handout
  • Complete the Greek Gods in your People Log
  • RAFT Activity:
    • Role – Zeus
    • Audience – Any other God or Goddess
    • Format – Critique (at least 2 paragraphs)
    • Topic – Tell that god or goddess how they can perform their job better.

Wednesday, December 10

Do Now: Where did the Greeks worship their Gods?

  • Socrates, Plato, Aristotle Discussion
  • Scientists/Mathematician Discussion
  • Who was more important and why? (1 paragraph)

Science and Philosophy Notes <– download classroom notes here

Homework:  Third Section of your newspaper is due tomorrow.

Thursday, December 11

Do Now:  Who was more important?  Why?

  • Philip II – phalanx – Discussion
  • Alexander the Great introduction
  • Draw a picture of a Phalanx – Why do you think this military strategy worked?

Friday, December 12

Do Now: What type of ruler was Philip II of Macedon?

  • Alexander the Great Discussion
  • Video Clip

Philip and Alexander notes <– Download classroom notes here

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