The Kneighborhood of Knowledge

"Hey…Neighborhood is spelled wrong!"

December 1-5

Happy December!!  I hope everyone had a great four days of food and family! We have another short month in front of us…and a short week.  This week will be a quick one, but an extremely busy one.  Here is our agenda for the week.

Monday, December 1stAthenian Agora

Do Now:  Name one aspect of a Greek city-state.

  • Ancient Greece Project assigned – Due December 19

Check the projects page to download all the Directions, Template, and rubrics you need.

  • Create a temple for a local god.

Tuesday, December 2nd

Do Now:  What is an agora?

  • Spartan Way of Life – Graphic Organizer

Wednesday, December 3rd

Do Now:  What is Sparta known for?

  • Athenian Way of Life – Graphic Organizer

Thursday, December 4th

Do Now:  How does Spartan life differ from Athenian life?

  • Create prophecies about your future.

Friday, December 5th

Do Now:  Name one contribution of Greece.

  • Olympic Pentathalon

Picture Attribution:

Image: ‘Agora of Athens’


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