The Kneighborhood of Knowledge

"Hey…Neighborhood is spelled wrong!"

November 3 – 5

Terra Cotta Army

Terra Cotta Army

We have a short week this week.  Thank you New Jersey Teacher’s Convention.  The great pilgrimage to Atlantic City for some good ol’ professional development.

Tuesday is also election day.  Thank god!!  For the past 20 months we’ve been knee deep in presidential campaigns…aren’t we all sick of it yet?

Here’s our agenda for the week:

Monday, November 3:

  • Do Now:  What do you know about Chinese dynasties?
  • Atlas Activity

Tuesday, November 4:

  • Gallery Walk:  Shang and Zhou Dynasties

Election Day Bonus:

Wednesday, November 5:

  • Gallery Walk:  Qin and Han Dynasties

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