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October 27 – 31

So, we have jumped right in to the Election ’08 project.  Hopefully, you guys are finding the research easy. Remember and  Both are great sites with everything you need!!

Be sure to remember your due dates!! The project is due on Thursday.

Here’s our agenda for the week:

Monday, Oct. 27

  • We’re in the computer lab again today.  You should be finishing up your research shortly.  The project is due this week.

Tuesday, Oct. 28

Do Now:  What do the three civilizations have in common?

Homework:  Study for Assessment

Wednesday, Oct. 29

Do Now:  What caused an increase in artisans?

  • Review Day – Stations

Homework:  Study for Assessment.  Election Project is Due Tomorrow.

Thursday, Oct. 30

Do Now:  Why are Ancient Civilizations important?

  • Review Day – Basketball
  • Short Essay Question for tomorrow:  List and describe three similarities and three differences between the River Valley Civilizations that we have discussed in class.

Homework:  Study for Assessment

Friday, Oct. 31 – Happy Halloween

Do Now:  Any last minute questions?

Next Week Preview: Dynasties in Ancient China.  Possibly a Paideia Seminar!!!  Get Excited!!


One response to “October 27 – 31

  1. marisa October 31, 2008 at 4:20 pm

    HI! that video we watched was funny =]

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