The Kneighborhood of Knowledge

"Hey…Neighborhood is spelled wrong!"

October 13 – 17

A new week begins with a new unit…RIver Valley Civilizations.  Over the next two weeks we’ll discuss



Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Eastern River Valleys.

Monday, Oct. 13:

  • Do Now:  What is a cradle of civilization?
  • We’ll take a look at some pictures and make some inferences.
  • We’ll start our River Valley Civilization foldable…GET EXCITED!!!

Tuesday, Oct. 14:

  • Do Now:  What comes to your mind when you hear Mesopotamia?
  • Vocabulary Discussion:  city-state, delta, planned community, empire.
  • Big Vocabulary Log due on 10/24/08  unit-2-vocabulary-log1
  • Homework:  Read Pages 55-64 in textbook.  Finish 1st tab of Foldable.  10 MIF (most important facts) Due Thursday.

Wednesday, Oct. 15:

  • Do Now:  Tell me something about Mesopotamia.
  • Picture time!!!

Thursday, Oct. 16:

  • Do Now:  How was Hammurabi’s Code similar to our constitution?
  • Choose your own creation (choose only one):  Create your own city-state. Create your own ziggurat. Create your own code. (just like Hammurabi)
  • Homework: Read Pages 66-80. Complete 2nd tab of Foldable.  10 MIFs. Due Monday.

Friday, Oct. 17:

  • Do Now:  I say Egypt…you say…
  • Video Clips…Mesopotamia and Egypt

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