The Kneighborhood of Knowledge

"Hey…Neighborhood is spelled wrong!"

Oct. 6-10

Well…It is October…the weather is getting colder…and our topics are heating up!!  Ok…that was cheesey.  Here is our schedule for this shortened week.

Monday, Oct. 6th

  • Review Game:  Social Studies Basketball

Tuesday, Oct. 7th

  • Unit Test
  • Grades are due today…Hopefully I’ll put the Unit Test on the Mid-Marking Period Grades.  Check TeacherEase for an up to date average.

Wednesday, Oct. 8th

  • We’ll start talking about debates today.  Hopefully we’ll get to watch some of the presidential debate and discuss.

Thursday, Oct. 9th

  • Take the day off…my treat

Friday, Oct. 10th

  • Watch the presidential debate and analyze.

Next week, we’ll start discussing River Valley Civilizations…Can you feel the excitement?!?!  I can!!

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