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SCCEE Awards Luncheon

On Friday, May 2nd, 10 of my students are invited to the 18th Annual SCCEE Awards Luncheon.  The event is to recognize their efforts in the South Carolina Stock Market Game.  We had two separate teams that earned a 2nd place finish in two different 10-week competitions.

Each team had $100,000 to play in the stock market.  They did their own research and bought as many different stocks as their money could buy.   The goal at the end of the 10-week competition was to have the most money.  Under my direct tutelage, these two teams were cents away from a gold medal, but I guess a silver finish isn’t so shabby.  After all, this was the first year we competed.

I’m extremely proud of the kids…and they are excited to get their trophies!!

On a side note…There was a teacher’s Stock Market Game as well and the teacher with the best portfolio won a free laptop.  I guess you can already figure out who won that…otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it.


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