The Kneighborhood of Knowledge

"Hey…Neighborhood is spelled wrong!"

This week in Social Studies…

We will begin our PACT review this week.  It is always fun to dust off the material from September and October to see what the kids actually remember.  I really don’t want to be disappointed, so I’m assuming that they don’t remember much.  Now, here’s the question…Do they not remember the information because I didn’t present them the material in a memorable fashion?…or…Did they truly forget because they are teenagers going through changes in their life where their social activity far outweighs the enlightenment ideas of John Locke or Jean-Jacques Rousseau?  I know what was going through my mind when I was in middle school…and it wasn’t European Exploration.  Maybe that’s why I kind of understand why so many kids “hate Social Studies.”  I just wish some of them would try a little bit harder, who knows, they might actually like talking about this stuff…I know I liked it as soon as I tried it…Hey, isn’t there a Dr. Seuss book about that?


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