The Kneighborhood of Knowledge

"Hey…Neighborhood is spelled wrong!"

January 14th – 18th

Ladies and Gentlemen…HOW ‘BOUT THEM GIANTS!!

The 2nd Quarter ends this week, so make sure you hand in any make-up work that you might have for me. You will not be able to hand in any old assignments after the quarter ends. We must move forward.

Monday, January 14th


CNN Student News

Vocabulary Discussion: Monroe Doctrine, annex, treaty

People to Meet: James Monroe, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt

7-4.3 – Vocabulary Log

Tuesday, January 15th

Causes and Effects of the Spanish American War

Video: America Becomes a World Power

Wednesday, January 16th

Vocabulary Discussion: rebellion, sovereignty, Sepoy, Great Mutiny, Open Door Policy

People to Meet: Rudyard Kipling, Jane Addams

Thursday, January 17th

Early Dismissal for Students

Are you For or Against Imperialism?

Page 166 #1 and 2

Friday, January 18th

Student Holiday


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