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Your Blog’s Reading Level

junior_high.jpgFor all of you educators out there. Check out your blog’s reading level. It looks like I’m writing on a Junior High School level. I guess I did that on purpose because that is my main audience, but I can’t say I’m satisfied with this. I’ve been in school systems for 23 years now. I’m really disappointed to be writing as a teenager, and an early teenager at that. The website analyzes the most recent post, so somewhere down the line I’ll strive for that High School level. I’ll have to thank big bro Greg for that link. He’s a year older and his blog reads at an elementary school level. Trumped!!

You can also check the gender of your blog post at a different site. I won’t tell you how I write. It’s official…the internet has everything.


One response to “Your Blog’s Reading Level

  1. technotuesday December 11, 2007 at 9:55 pm

    LOL me too!!! Too bad my target audience is educators and librarians. I just don’t buy it. I want to see the rubric and the algorithms that help formulate this assessment. Demanding it actually! Oh—love the Animoto to. Way cool. You are OH so 2.0 now. Ubergeek for a really cool “teach.”

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