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November 26th – 30th

Welcome Back to School.

I hope everyone enjoyed their long Turkey Day Weekend. I know I did.

I hope you had a chance to check out our first official podcast. We made it rather quickly because of our short week, but it was still fun to make.

Lets take a look at the week ahead:

Monday 11/26/2007:

We will meet in the 7th grade computer lab today and begin our initial picture research for our revolution voicethreads. Remember to look for pictures at our 2 available websites:


If you stumble or get stuck just visit our project page.

Tuesday 11/27/2007

MAP testing begins today.

We are back in the classroom today for a quick vocabulary discussion.

Factory System, Urbanization, monopoly, Partnership, corporation, Trade union

Industrialism, Agricultural Revolution, Enclosure Movement, Textile, Crop rotation, Domestic System

7-3.4 – Vocabulary Log – Indsutrial Revolution

Wednesday 11/28/2007

Today we will meet in the Media Center and continue to work on our voicethread projects. You will write 2 sentences for each picture you have saved. Use the picture script that I have supplied for you.

VoiceThread Project

Thursday 11/29/2007

We’re back in the Media Center today to begin the recording phase of our revolution project. Hopefully our headsets will have arrived today.

Remember to follow the directions on our project page.

Bummer!!! Headsets didn’t come in. 😦 Only one microphone worked at a time 😦

Everything will be fine.

Friday 11/30/2007

We’re in the Media Center today continuing to work on our VoiceThread Projects. I hope we can get more finished today.

I’m going to have a group of people working on our podcast for the week.


One response to “November 26th – 30th

  1. Teretha November 28, 2007 at 6:31 pm

    Mr. Granito,
    Your website for 7th Grade Social Studies is awesome. Keep the good work up.

    Teretha Anderson

    Chelsea Andersons Mother

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