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Worst Computer Store Ever!!

I have just experienced the worst computer store ever!! Yes EVER!! DO NOT….I repeat….DO NOT EVER go to Computer Inferno or Seaside Computers. This is a local computer store in the Myrtle Beach area.

Immediately after dropping off my computer, I started having reservations. Two hours later they called and said my hard drive was fried. (Of course it was, why would it be an easy fix?) They told me they had to install a new one and it would cost $160….and they needed my credit card number over the phone. “I’ll pay you when the computer is fixed and ready to pick up…” is what I should have said. Instead I ramble off my credit card number and expiration date because I’m just so worried about my little computer who I’ve become so reliant on. They said it would be ready the next day at 3.

So I show up at my second job (I’m a teacher) and immediately tell my co-worker where I was and why I was late. He then goes into detail on how his father has a stop payment on his credit card because of this horrible place of business. Apparently, they sell old computers as new, with pirated software. I did not know this. Uh-oh!!

I have 101 scenarios of what is going on with my computer. It’s like an evil lab with an evil doctor operating on my defenseless computer. Slowly opening the machine and ripping out its guts while extracting all my personal information from my “crashed hard drive.”

I arrive home and google the evil laboratory and find out that they have about 100 complaints to the better business bureau about them. They are under investigation!! In my mind, the “salesman” I spoke with is laughing as he extracts password after password. He’s on his way to the bank right now to clean me out.

I calm myself down as I drive to the “Inferno.” I arrive 2 hours after the estimated time of completion. “Damien” tells me that it is not finished and should be ready at noon tomorrow. I give a disgruntled sigh and storm out of there. As I leave, I take a look at the car Damien drives and it is a fairly nice looking sports car…especially for someone who works at the “Inferno.” The scenarios ensue in my brain.

I couldn’t sleep all night knowing that my notebook was on the operating table. I call Damien the next morning hoping it will be ready by noon….its not…it’ll be ready by 5pm. I arrive at this place at 4pm in the hopes that it is done early…its not. I am now officially the disgruntled customer that I hope Damien has been trained to deal with…he’s not. I ask for my computer back. He says “No.” My jaw has dropped in amazement. This is my computer, why can’t I have it back. The only thing that kept me calm was another associate that came from the back room holding my compy. AHHH…my notebook is alive!! I felt like I just caught a glimpse of my kidnapped computer and everything will be all right. So I told him that someone would come and pick it up at 5:30.

Finally my computer has come home. I turn it on and I’m skeptical already. I look at my hard drive and it has shrunk. It was originally 40GB now it is 20GB. I’m done. I don’t even care. I immediately reformat everything that has been put on the “new” hard drive and start fresh. I hope Damien didn’t put any non-erasable spyware on the drive. That’s just my paranoia kicking in again.

I know it doesn’t sound that bad…but I felt helpless in that situation. It’s like going to the mechanic for an oil change and getting your car back without a working radio. (that also happened to me this week)

Moral of the story: Do your research before leaving expensive equipment at any store.


4 responses to “Worst Computer Store Ever!!

  1. technotuesday November 17, 2007 at 11:10 pm

    I hope your 250 GB harddrive has a 7200 spin rate–that is what you need to play around with video, which is next on my agenda for you! If its 5400, that is not optimal for video, and your final projects will possibly skip a bit. Remind me to show you some examples. And you are right about the cost of the drives going down. I have two and I practically save everything to them. With the higher end digital cameras alone it is a worthwhile investment.

  2. mrgranito November 13, 2007 at 11:25 am

    Computer seems fine right now. I went out and bought a 250GB external hard drive. (Pretty cheap nowadays) I’m still a little skeptical about the hard drive they put in the computer. For all I know, they could have taken it out of an older computer and put it right in mine. I don’t like that store.

  3. booklover472 November 13, 2007 at 11:18 am

    Wow! How is your computer now? I can’t imagine the devil’s spawn working on my laptop….shudder.

  4. technotuesday November 12, 2007 at 4:14 am

    Hey Granito–what a talented storyteller you are!! Thta was an awesome retelling–I could almost picture Dr. evil over your poor helpless laptop. You are so good at this! I hope social studies comes out with the same enthusiasm and passion! I’m still laughing about it (even though I realize it’s not funny one littel bit!)

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